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Thank-you to the Truckers for opening up our eyes in Order to see Our Government for who they Truly are!!!

Never in my life would I have ever imagined Our Own Gov’t declaring war on Canadian Citizens!!

A Gov’t so eager to hide behind the law with concerns for Canada’s growth and racial conflicts and yet He himself

continually makes insulting racial decisions such as (wearing bk face twice, dressing in Special Indian Garb +more)!!

After which, he has enough nerve to blatantly call the Canadians People…Racists, Terrorists, Criminals etc. and not care about the consequences!!!

A Gov’t who couldn’t even be bothered to listen to any of the thousands Canadian Citizens who just wanted some answers!

Instead, first runs off and hides, then illegally exploits his power and sends in his trained Gestapo to physically abuse, bully, and torture innocent protesters just because they might discover his hidden agenda and he dares call them Terrorists!

In recent months, the Canadian Gov’t has also taken away a lot of  FREEDOMS :


World Freedom Concert Rally will be an Event where FREEDOM is MANDATORY!!

* Freedom of Speech       *  Freedom of Mandates     * Freedom of Choice

* Freedom of Privacy      * Freedom of Rights        *Freedom to be Happy & Free (at least for a day!)

Our main goal is to Unify people, Have some Fun, Listen to Great Music and have one night just TO BE FREE!!!


However, there will be a time slot allotted, where people will have a chance to voice their opinion, as long as it is voiced respectively!

Lastly, something for people to ponder or listen to…

Please read:                   

They came for the Jews but I wasn’t a Jew so I did Nothing!

Came for the Black, wasn’t Black so I said Nothing!

Came for the Un-Vaxed, was Vaxed so I Chose Sides!

Came for the Truckers, wasn’t a Trucker so I ignored the Problem!

Now, I am ALL alone, so when they came for me – Nobody was Left!!!

A few videos: Some fun music and one not so fun:

As Long As It Takes  (Can Version )          Link:   https://youtu.be/v0mIDaVPbgg

As Long As It Takes  (US Version)             Link:    https://youtu.be/bBdF3YTlvS0

Kids Vaccine Ingredients                            Link:    https://rumble.com/vsv3lx-kids-vaccine-ingredients.html

As mentioned, details for this event are still being worked out so please check back often for the latest updates…


Feel free to leave comments or Event suggestions on the Contact page!!

Thank you for your interest … hope to see you soon!!!

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