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About Powerhouse Entertainment

Powerhouse Entertainment is more than an entertainment agency. Not only do we have access to some of Canada’s greatest talent, Powerhouse is a fully functioning Entertainment Agency. Our company can assist you with everything from booking the Artist(s) or Entertainment to promoting a full scale production event which include all flights, hotels, limos / ground transportation, sound, lights, backline equipment, special licences, and/or any rider requirements’ plus much more. We can also create & book your Promotional Media Materials such as Newspaper ads, Posters, TV Commercials, Radio, Internet or whatever other media exposure you choose.

Whether your event requires a stand-up comedian, keynote speaker or you are planning a corporate event, our knowledgeable staff will work with you to make sure your next event is a huge Success. Powerhouse Entertainment works for our clients as their representative and liaison to help assist in the booking process. We do not serve as the exclusive agent, representative or management of the artists. Please note that this site is designed for talent buyers interested in contracting artists for live performances.

Few things before Booking your Artist…

As booking an Artist can be very expensive, please have All your funding & sponsorships in place before making a serious offer. You cannot make a serious offer to an artist unless you know you can pay for Said Artist. Once you officially submit an offer you are under contractual obligation if the Artist accepts, even if contracts have not yet been issued.

Remember, not only do you have the Artist Fee to contend with but also ALL Artist Expense Costs which include venue, hotel, meals, transportation, production media, backline, licences, riders etc.

All Artist expenses will also need to be paid prior to Artist Arrival. Normally, half deposit (payment) is due upon signing contract, and the final payment is due prior (normally a week before) the event.

Also, if the requested Artist /Talent performance cost exceeds $5000.00, you will be asked to supply Proof of Budget confirmation to assure your talent budget meets or exceeds the minimum budget requirement plus allowances for All the Artist expenses.”

Since our Clients are equally important , our company believes no contract is too small. If you prefer, we will be delighted to work closely with you to assure your event will be the most unforgettable. (You must first contact us through our website in order to obtain a company phone number/email address)

Not sure if your budget is adequate? Email us and we will work with you to get a quick cost estimate.

Please be aware that the most successful events always allow adequate time for planning. We recommend allowing a minimum of 4 – 6 weeks…longer planning time may be required for the Top Named Artist(s).

Ready to Book your Special Event ? Relax and let us worry about making your entire Event the most UNFORGETTABLE. Simply fill out our Contract Questionnaire in Bookings. Our response time is usually within 24 hrs.

Thank you for your inquiry.

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